Basic language:-




Introduction to HTML

Basic HTML tags

Introduction to CSS

Three types of CSS(internal,external,inline)

Basic CSS properties

Tag selector, id selector and class selector

Pseudo classes and pseudo elements

CSS Box model

Different position in CSS

PHP :-

PHP Introduction

How to display output

Data types and variable declaration


Conditional & Looping constructs

Arrays & foreach loop

Super global arrays ($_GET, $_POST etc...)

String & string functions

File inclusion (include & require)


Exception handling & File handling


Session control

How to upload and download file & image

Error handling and debugging

How to send email in PHP

Javascript :-:-


Basic syntax

Form validation using javascript


Database Programming (MySQL) :-

Basics of MySQL


MySQL programming in PHP

Ajax :-

Introduction and advantages

How to create different objects for different browsers

States of Ajax objects

Wordpress :-

Introduction to Wordpress

How to Post

How to add & edit pages

Navigation links

Wrapping text around images

Developing themes

How to create menus

Uploading files

Blog Design & layout

Wordpress plugins

Joomla :-

Introduction to Joomla

What is CMS

How to design and customize your site

Plugins, Modules & Component


How to Publish content

Sections & Categories


Magento :-



Project :-

Work on Live project

Web hosting

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What is PHP

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. While other languages, like Javascript, function on the client-side, your PHP code will execute on the server level. It works seamlessly with our HTML. Furthermore, your PHP can be embedded within your HTML and vice versa. The important thing is no matter how complicated your PHP is, it will ultimately be output as simple HTML.